Celebrate a Life® with a Personal History

John and Ann Getway

John and Ann Getway whose lifelong struggles stemmed from injuries he suffered during a combat operation as a paratrooper during World War II.

Life is an active, dynamic road to a final destination, be it a cemetery, an urn, or dust in the wind.

It’s a journey to be celebrated everywhere along that route, not just at its end. That is why Celebrate a Life® includes stories of living people as well as those who have completed life’s journey.

These stories are not obituaries, which simply list facts about a person’s life. A good story, whether fiction or nonfiction, tells about someone struggling to overcome life’s difficulties. Every human being has such problems, so their life story properly told not only can entertain us, but can also inspire us. And nonfictional stories about overcoming are more powerful than fiction, because they are real.

Your own Personal History

But these stories are only the beginning.  Celebrate a Life® is an opportunity for you to post your personal history permanently online so it can be read by present and future generations – provided, of course, it meets our standards of decency and literary quality. We can provide guidance and/or editing if you need some help to put it together.

Opportunity for Writers

Celebrate a Life® makes it possible for all writers, professional and amateur alike, to have their stories published on the web. Professional writers can offer this as a bonus to clients whose stories they are writing. You retain the copyright as long as you permit America’s Cemetery and Celebrate a Life® to keep your story permanently on our website.

Our Writers Index page will include your photo, a brief bio about you, links to your stories on our site, and a link to your own website.


If you are interested in submitting a story or video, contact jjzentis@gmail.com for technical details and guidance.

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